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 After years of pastoring churches and extensive training in church health, Dr. Warren birthed a dream of being able to focus on helping the church become healthy on a daily basis. This dream became a reality in 2016 through the creation of a biblically based consulting ministry called Far More Consulting, which now exists for the sole purpose of helping churches achieve health. We would love to have you partner with us in some way to make this dream become a reality in the future. By visiting the Far More Consulting website you will be able to get familiar with our ministry. Thanks again for checking us out

Dr. Sam Warren, President of Far More Consulting, INC

Dr. Warren is a graduate of Berkshire Christian College (B.A. Theology, 1975); Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary (Master of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry, 1982 & 1993)

After many years of pastoral ministry, Dr. Warren successfully completed a 15-month leadership development program called "Arrow Leadership."

In 2015, Dr. Warren became a certified trainer of the innovative seminar called "4 Chair Discipling."

Send a message or request to Dr. Warren to find out more about Far More Consulting and how it can serve you or your church.

Our Team

We love helping the church become healthy

Rev. Sam Worley

FMC Board Member

Rev. Sam Worley is the husband of Leigh and the dad of Erin and Alyssa. He originally hails from the beautiful mountains of Virginia where he came to faith in Christ early in life, having been greatly influenced by Christian camping and the godly example of family and friends.

He has been in pastoral ministry since 1978, having served congregations in Rhode Island, Virginia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Sam graduated from Berkshire Christian College in 1978, majoring in Pastoral Studies. He received additional training through the Institute for Biblical Preaching, through the Stephen Olford Center in Memphis, TN.

In addition to serving as pastor, he has served in numerous regional and conference positions, and for many years served in a variety of capacities in Christian camping programs throughout the east coast. He has served the United Advent Christian Church in Wilmington, NC as pastor since 2005. Sam is an 11-year member of the Lead Team SE.

Steve Evans

FMC Board Member

has been serving the local church for many years. He was raised by a godly and gifted woman (Gaye Martin) who made a lasting impression on his life which is seen in the way he lives his life.

Perhaps this is the reason Steve is committed to the church. His love for it, extends beyond a beautiful building and the other things usually associated with a local church. His passion is seen in his service for many years as the chairman of the board for the West Jacksonville Advent Christian Church, at which time he continually urged the church to put their faith into action, especially in the community.

For years, Steve spearheaded the annual Back to school Bash, which connected to thousands of people within the church community. He and his wife, Jan Evans, (a Veterinarian) are committed to missions and leadership development in and outside of the church.

Steve has worked for Sprint Communications for years as a Senior Network Analyst and in recent years formed a business called Priced-Rite Services that he uses to provide for himself and serve others. 

Norm Sherwood

FMC Board Member

Rev. Norm Sherwood is the pastor of the Confidence Advent Christian Church in Lenoir, NC.  After many years as a dedicated layman, Norm sensed a strong call to become a pastor.

Prior to serving as a pastor, Norm worked as an accountant.  This skill continues to give him a great opportunity to meet and serve people in his "mission field." Norm's wisdom in the area is a great help as we carry out the work of Far More Consulting.

Over the past 11 years, Norm has faithfully participated in a Pastors's accountability group called Lead Team SE which meets 4 times a year.

Norm has been married for years to Paula and has grown children who are active in the life of the church.

Mr. paul Gibbs

FMC Board Member

Paul Gibbs has been a long time friend. He came to faith during one of my pastorates in Jacksonville, FL (West Jax). Since that time, Paul has faithfully guided his family toward faith in Christ. He is married to Beth and has three children (Liza, Drew and Lillie).

For much of Paul's life, he has worked in the roofing and sheet metal industry. Presently, he works as the Vice President and part owner of Childers Roofing and Sheetmetal in Jacksonville, FL. and has 34 years of experience in the roofing industry.

His expertise lies in operation management and managing the field employees. His duties include estimating, quality control, personal supervision, and ensuring all projects meet company standards.

Paul has a deep commitment to the local church and has a desire to see it be healthy, both inside and outside of the church community. This means that he is interested in discipleship/disciple-making and outreach. In the past, he has served as an Elder for the West Jax Advent Christian Church. Presently, he lives in Fernandina Beach, FL and is involved in the men's ministry of the Celebration Church.

Rev. Paul Dean

FMC Board Member

Paul Dean is the Pastor of the Potters Hill Advent Christian Church in Potters Hill, North Carolina. He and his wife, Linda, have been at this church for the past 30 years. Paul has pastored churches in Virginia, Florida and North Carolina as well as serving on committees involved with youth ministries, church camps, credentialing of Pastors and Christians workers, administration work in conferences, regions and presently serves as the President of the Advent Christian General Conference of America. He has received extensive training and certification with SonLife, CoachNet, and Natural Church Development Development in the areas of discipleship, church health, and assessment. Paul has a great passion for discipleship and leadership development in the local church and most recently has found some of his greatest pleasures as he and Linda spend time discipling and loving their 3 granddaughters, Ava, Elsie, and Hally Fay.

Paul has been a faithful member of the Lead Team SE for over 11 years and has served as the facilitator for the Eastern NC Lead Team over 10 years. 

Mr. Phil Dougherty

FMC Board Member

Phil Dougherty has been a resident of Jacksonville, Florida for more than 45 years and came to know Jesus as his personal Lord and Savior in a foster home at the age of 12. He is married to Sara (Sally) Dougherty for 25 years and has a daughter named Georgia. He was an active member at West Jacksonville Advent Christian Church for over 10 years where he volunteered as a church worker, served as a deacon, and sang in the worship and praise team along with his daughter. In 2018 he began attending Christ’s Church - Mandarin so that his teenaged daughter could attend Christ’s Church Academy and his family could attend a church closer to home. He continues to serve his local church where he volunteers as a leader for high school youth

Phil worked in restaurant management and retail sales in his early career and is currently employed as a Senior Tax (business) Analyst for the Internal Revenue Service where he has worked for 31 years.

He strives to live a Godly life and has several Bible verses he holds close to his heart (Mark 12:30-31 & Matthew 7:1-2). No matter a person’s station in life, they have something to offer and we can always learn something if we love others, accept people for who they are and treat them with respect.  

 Seminars and training events

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4 Chair discipling​

3-4-5-8 Hour Seminar Plans

One of the most amazing, yet simple, discoveries I have made over the years came from Dann Spader (founder of Sonlife Ministries) when he said, "Jesus not only had a message, he had a method!"

This discovery can be life-changing for the church. Many in the church can articulate the basics of the gospel but little is heard among Christians on the methodology Jesus used to share the gospel and turn a group of men into people who impacted the world.

The Four Chair Discipling ¨seminar is designed to help believers understand this methodology and begin to use it in their life and ministry. It is especially helpful for the pastor to grasp it and use it in the leadership of their church.

For a more detailed explanation of this methodology, check out Dann Spader's new book called 4 Chair Discipling.

For information on how you can bring the 4 Chair Discipling Seminar to your church call Dr. Sam Warren at (904)-207-5196 or email him at [email protected]

Keeping Marriage Healthy

Healthy marriages lead to healthy churches?

It is the conviction of FMC that keeping marriages healthy must be one of our priorities in the local church. Healthy marriages create healthy families and healthy families go a long way in building a healthy church.

Keeping Marriages Healthy is a dynamic way to strengthen any church, as well as reach out to couples outside the church. The truth is simple, couples, whether they are Christian or not, desire to have healthy marriages. 

Dr. Warren is trained to present the seminar called "Keeping Marriage Healthy. This seminar is built on the book called Intimate Encounters and is a great way to connect to the community around the church that meets real needs. 

For more information on this tool for building biblical relationships connect with Dr. Warren at Far More Consulting at [email protected] and/or visit the Great Commandment network website. 

Conflict Resolution

Churches have great difficulty growing and becoming healthy when there is unresolved conflict. It is particularly challenging when one understands that conflict exists for a variety of reasons. It may be present due to something that happened in the past, or because of people in the church who have unresolved intrapersonal or interpersonal issues that never get addressed.  Conflict may exist due to differences in values and most people do what they value.

One of the strengths that Dr. Warren brings into his consulting work is his graduate studies training in the are of conflict resolution. His book, "The Alexander Antidote: Turning Conflict into a prescription for wholeness," (IUniverse),  serves as a great tool in dealing effectively with the difficult person who is present in the church. 

FMC is able to present a workshop entitled, "Understanding and Resolving Conflict in the Church for a leadership team that will help them guide their church toward health.

pathway to maturity

Perhaps the biggest challenge facing the church today is one that has existed ever since its inception.  It is clear from Scripture that the Lord wanted the church to make disciples who are fully trained (Luke 6:40).  According to Luke, a believer is fully trained when he becomes like his teacher and this case, the teacher is Jesus.

According to Dann Spader of Sonlife ministries, Jesus gave his disciples a message and a method.  The message is clear for most (John 3:16), but the method is almost missing at times.  The Bible calls each of us to maturity in Christ and along the way we are called to become fully-trained disciples (Luke 6:40).

In most churches today, there is a lack of a clearly defined plan as to how the church is going to move believers toward maturity in Christ and fully trained disciples.

Dr. Warren has written four booklets designed to address this problem.  It is not the only way but in a world where most churches don't have a plan, it's helpful.  Dr. Warren calls this plan a "Pathway to Maturity," and it includes the following topics:

Pathway to Maturity

Effective Bible Study

Christology & the Christian

Ecclesiology & the Christian

The Holy Spirit in the life of the Believer & the Church

These four booklets will be available among the resources provided by Far More Consulting as they present a seminar called "Dynamic Duo: Becoming a Disciple along the Pathway to Maturity"  For more information on this training event please contact Far More Consulting at [email protected]


I Didn't See It Coming, by Carey Nieuwhof

An influential pastor, podcaster, and thought leader believes it's not only possible to predict life's hardest moments, but also to alter outcomes, overcome challenges, and defeat your fiercest adversaries.

Founding Pastor of one of North America's most influential churches, Carey Nieuwhof wants to help you avoid and overcome life's seven hardest and most crippling challenges: cynicism, compromise, disconnectedness, irrelevance, pride, burnout, and emptiness.

These are challenges that few of us expect but that we all experience at some point. If you have yet to confront these obstacles, Carey provides clear tools and guidelines for anticipation and avoidance.

On the other hand, if you already feel stuck in a painful experience or are wrestling with one of these challenges, he provides the steps you need to find a way out and a way forward into a more powerful and vibrant future.


Waterbrook Publishing

ISBN # 978-0-7352-9133-1

I found this book to be a very helpful look at some of the most common issues we face as Christians. I think you will be blessed and helped to live your life to the fullest for Christ by reading this book.

Dr. Sam Warren

The Scrappy Church, by Thom Ranier

How many times have we heard these statements…

“We can’t compete with the megachurch in our town!”

“A new church was started two blocks from us. We’ve got plenty of churches without them!”

“The church brought another one of their campuses near us. It’s totally unethical what they are doing.”

“We can’t reach young families. They all go to the big church that has all the children’s and student stuff.”

“We don’t have the money or the people the other churches have.”

Bestselling author Thom S. Rainer ( I Am a Church Member, Autopsy of a Deceased Church ) has heard comments like these hundreds, if not thousands, of times. They are statements of hopelessness. They are statements of despair. They are statements of defeat.

Church leaders don’t want to feel this way. They desire to break out of the mediocrity of the same, lame, and tame existence of their churches. They want their churches to make a difference.

There is hope. God’s hope. God’s possibilities.

What does a scrappy church look like? Let’s take a look together.

In Becoming a Healthy Disciple, Macchia explores the ten traits of a healthy disciple, including a vital prayer life, evangelistic outreach, worship, servanthood, and stewardship. He applies to individual Christians the ten characteristics of a healthy church outlined in his previous book, Becoming a Healthy Church. Discipleship is a lifelong apprenticeship to Jesus Christ, the master teacher. Using the Book of John, Macchia looks to the beloved disciple as an example of a life lived close to Christ. Personal experiences as well as the experiences of others bring the traits of discipleship into modern context. Each chapter ends with a prayer and questions for reflection and renewal. Becoming a Healthy Disciple is excellent for laypeople who want to grow in discipleship, as well as pastors, church leaders, adult classes, and small groups.

The New Apostolic Epoch, by Doug Small

Apostolic epochs involve a breaking away, a new definition and a reorientation. They refocus kingdom purposes. The apostolic epoch that we are now entering is the fulfillment of the desire of Jesus, that his church be a house of prayer for all nations. This is the not the mere amplification of prayer as it is often perceived. It is not the addition of a missing prayer component, or prayer even as a bountiful additive, a power pack, to what we are currently doing. It is not the mere deepening or heightening of the value of prayer; it is a seismic apostolic shift. Through this assertive sovereign governance of God, He will intervene into history for missional purposes. It is my fervent belief that we are on the edge of such a moment again.

This book is a call to fervent prayer which may be the final hope for an institutional Church that has lost its way . Doug's grasp of Church History, quotes from giants in the faith, and his statistical grasp of culture, make this book a mandatory read for all authentic disciples of our Lord.

Dr. Jeff Farmer, Pentecostal Churches of America

Dr. Doug Small

Alive Publications


ISBN # 978-0-9986034-6-9

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